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Tên tài liệu/ đề tài, dự án: Threshold length for maximal reaction rate in catalytic microchannels
Tác giả/ chủ nhiệm: Franc¸ ois Mathieu-Potvin,Louis Gosselin
Năm xuất bản: 2012
Thời gian đăng: 14/07/2014
Danh mục: Tập 188
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In this paper, we address the fundamental problem of maximizing the reaction rate of a channel reactor with catalyst on its boundaries by varying its aspect ratio L/H. The volume, pressure drop, amount of catalyst and catalyst surface density of the channels were constrained. The expression of the reaction rate in the limits of small, moderate and large L/H values were obtained by scale analysis. A distinct behaviour appeared for each of these three geometrical limits: a kinetic controlled regime, an external diffusion controlled regime, and a regime limited by fluid flow rates.
Từ khóa tìm kiếm: Chemical reactor ,Monolith, Microreactor, Microchannel, Catalyst, Shape optimization