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Tên tài liệu/ đề tài, dự án: Kinetics of mixed succinic acid/acetic acid esterification with Amberlyst 70 ion exchange resin as catalyst
Tác giả/ chủ nhiệm: Alvaro Orjuela, Abraham J. Yanez, Arati Santhanakrishnan, Carl T. Lira, Dennis J. Miller
Năm xuất bản: 2012
Thời gian đăng: 14/07/2014
Danh mục: Tập 188
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Liquid phase esterification of succinic acid, acetic acid and succinic/acetic acid mixtures with ethanol was studied using Amberlyst 70 strong cation exchange resin as catalyst. Batch isothermal reactions were performed at different ethanol:acid molar ratios (1:1–27:1), temperatures (343–393 K) and catalyst loadings (1.0–9.3 wt% of solution). Esterification kinetics is described using both pseudo-homogeneous mole fraction and NRTL-based activity based models that take ethanol dehydration to diethyl ether into account. The models accurately predict the esterification of individual acids, and a simple additive combination of independent kinetic models provides a good description of mixed acid esterification. The kinetic models can be used in simulation of reactive distillation processes for mixed acid esterification.
Từ khóa tìm kiếm: Succinic acid, Acetic acid, Esterification, Amberlyst 70, Diethyl succinate ,Reactive distillation