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Tên tài liệu/ đề tài, dự án: Carbon dioxide absorption into unpromoted and borate-catalyzed potassium carbonate solutions
Tác giả/ chủ nhiệm: Hendy Thee, Kathryn H. Smith, Gabriel da Silva, Sandra E. Kentish, Geoffrey W. Stevens
Năm xuất bản: 2012
Thời gian đăng: 18/12/2015
Danh mục: Tập 182
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Potassium carbonate based solvents have the potential for capturing CO2 from emission sources such as power stations burning fossil fuels. However, due to poor reaction kinetics a rate promoter is considered necessary to improve the rate of reaction of CO2 with the solvent. Using a characterized wetted-wall column, we have studied the reaction kinetics of CO2 into unpromoted and borate-promoted 30 wt% potassium carbonate solutions. Results presented here show that, at 80 ◦C, addition of small amounts of boric acid (0.2 M, 0.6 M and 1.5 M) accelerate the overall absorption process of CO2 in carbonate solvents by 3%, 10% and 29% respectively. The Arrhenius expression for the reactions CO2 + OH− and CO2 + B(OH)4 − are kOH [M−1 s−1] = 2.53×1011 exp(−4311/T [K]) and kborate [M−1 s−1] = 5.5 × 1011 exp(−6927/T [K]); and the activation energies are 35.8 kJ mol−1 and 57.6 kJ mol−1 respectively. Experiments were conducted between 40 ◦C and 80 ◦C and at a bulk partial pressure of CO2 of 90 kPa.
Từ khóa tìm kiếm: Potassium carbonate (K2CO3),Borate,Wetted-wall column,Kinetics,Rate constant